10 Ways Technology is Improving Senior Care

“Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears” (Demi Lovato). Old age refers to the closing years of life when people wish for more love and care. However, ironically, aging people are often neglected and left alone. The death of a life partner or children parting ways with elderly folks of the family certainly leaves them shattered and depressed. Moreover, certain medications also trigger insomnia and mood swings in aging adults. This largely makes them feel so sick and alone that they get bored of their own life.
Thus senior care in Oklahoma City calls for spending time with and properly caring for aging people as the remedies that work wonders for them. This blog post brings you ten ways that technology paves the way for making people feel safe, comfortable and happy despite their old age.
Technology has become the new way to live life. With the latest innovations gaining shape every single moment, human society has become much more dependent on science and technological inventions. Sir Arthur Clarke rightly remarked, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Technology has given a complete makeover not just to our physical lives but to our thoughts and perceptions as well. In short, it has made senior care in Oklahoma City smarter and easier.



Long ago, when Graham Bell invented the telephone, he might have been unaware what this great invention of his would evolve into with the passage of time. Today, phones are not just mere instruments through which to exchange useful information from around the world, but in addition, phones have been made a lot smarter in a number of ways, especially for elderly folks.
When living away from home and family members, seniors find smartphones to be great devices to use to stay in touch with family and friends. Apart from this, smartphones offer plenty of other features that keep elderly people well informed of the whereabouts of their loved ones and help in senior care in Oklahoma City. Elderly people also find smartphones suitable according to their changing needs.


The World Wide Web that connects us to every nook and cranny of the world and facilitates the exchange of digital information is greatly influencing the lives of aging folks. Elderly people generally have ample time to spend on the internet to gain information on many issues. As the most common means of exchanging information, the internet has in fact reinvented the lives of seniors by letting them feel connected to anything and anyone they wish, even in their old age.

Laptops and Tablets


Laptops and tablets are no longer just gadgets restricted exclusively to teens and office-goers. Rather, they are gaining great popularity around the globe as the most useful companions for aging people too. A recent study reveals that the regular use of these electronic gadgets by senior folks helps to curb depression by around 20 percent. Besides this, the use of these technical instruments makes elderly people more independent and stress-free.

Safety Cameras and Alarms



Elderly people who often stay away from family need optimum monitoring and care. At times, when nobody is physically present to keep a watch over them, the wise usage of technological devices can help a lot. Moreover, the advanced, easy-to-use security cameras and alarm systems that can be used at home can save them in potentially dangerous situations so that home senior care in Oklahoma City is both effective and efficient.

Video Games



The circle of life often exhibits interesting correlations among nature and organisms. Old age often shows striking similarities to childhood. Things that make children happy are sure to attract elderly people too. Playing games, especially indoors, is both entertaining and beneficial for aging adults who seek pleasure and comfort. Technology has gifted both kids and adults with video games and gaming consoles.

Broadband Services

Aging people who are in the closing years of their life tend to lose interest in living. Appropriate entertainment in the form of light comic shows or soothing musical plays can really help them fall in love with life again. Broadband services provide them with entertainment faster and anywhere they want, including in Oklahoma City.

Health Tracking Apps and Devices


Good health is a blessing for all, especially for the senior members of the population. The growing technology has surely given wings to our thoughts and way of life, but at the same time it has added more comfort and ease to the life of elderly people. The latest apps and monitoring tools provide ample opportunities for seniors to keep track of their health, and some even remind them to take pills on time.

Medical Assistance Online



The evolving means of communication have made technology help people connect better with each other. Doctors and many health experts are now easily available for consultation and guidance online. Senior people find this more convenient when they have mobility issues.

Social Networking Websites



The best present from technology is the freedom to stay in touch with anyone you wish. The virtual world is flooded with a lot of social networking websites that help aging people find friends and even stay well connected to them. This on one hand subdues stress and tensions, while on the other it helps to revive their minds and souls. Also, creating a peer group makes them lively and more independent.

Fitness Improving Gadgets



Lastly, attaining fitness both physically and spiritually is the foremost requirement of senior care in Oklahoma City, because all other things can be done only if people are sound mentally and physiologically in their old age. Technology again paves the way for instilling love for life and fitness through innumerable measures like yoga learning apps, fitness videos and spiritual online classes. These not only make elderly people conscious of their overall well-being, but in addition, technological gadgets make them feel active and content.