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Why Luxury Senior Assisted Living in Edmond Is ‘Booming’

Luxury Assisted Living in EdmondThe new generation of 60-plus community is spending an active and quite demanding life. At Edmond, Oklahoma there are many assisted living facilities that have been constructed with multi-million dollars of investment. The aim is to offer good lives to the renters. Some have hydro massage rooms and saltwater pools. There are private theaters for the movie lovers and standby chefs to prepare mouth-watering snacks to give a delicious company. Being old is not depressing anymore.

New age, new thinking!

Main reason behind the formation of booming luxury assisted home facilities is the change of mindset. People do not favor the old-school retirement homes with drab decor and bland foods. Outlook of people in general has been shifted in the favor of spending a good life. New age retirement homes bear the strongest impressions of changing thoughts. Today’s assisted living facilities boast gourmet chefs, full-size gyms, professionally designed interiors and lists of activities that may exhaust even a young man in his early 20’s.

Health conscious senior citizens

In general, people have become more aware of keeping a fit body and mind which help them to spend an active life. Rather than going for the old-school care homes, they prefer the luxury assisted living centers for its state-of-the-art gyms and life enrichment programs. Many luxury rentals for the seniors regularly run the sessions of aerobics, yoga and meditation.

Healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy body and mind. The luxury homes for the seniors recruit the chefs, trained at prestigious hotel management institutes, to prepare tasty and healthy dishes. The diet chart follows the instructions of nutritionists. The chart is prepared keeping in mind the special medical conditions of the senior members. Most of these facilities are absent in care homes.

The good news

After the spell of housing bust, sales and rentals at many assisted living facilities fell down. Things are gradually picking up but still have not reached its 2005 peak. Builders are investing more in this sector to cater to the baby boomers as, with them hitting the retirement age by 2020. According to census analysis report, by 2020, the population with 55+ years could hit the 46.6% mark that would be up from the 42% mark in 2012.

Model mansion houses for the senior renters in Edmond

Many new age entrepreneurs have come with innovative ideas. The concept of luxury assisted living in Edmond got a boost with remodeled mansions having every modern amenities and luxury services. Retirement life cannot become better than ever!

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