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When does your Parent Need Home Care?

When does your Parent Need Home Care?

Most parents spend their prime raising their children. After retirement, they usually need their adult children to return the favor. If they are divorced, single or widowed, responsibilities for care tend to increase. In general, most parents do not want to move in with the families of their children. After adapting to independent lives, it is often difficult for them to make such a transition.

The problem is adult children have less time to spend quality hours with their parents; often raising children of their own while juggling professional and personal commitments. As a senior parent’s needs mount with age, the risk of living without reliable access to care becomes too great. Similar to most major American cities, Oklahoma City has seen a demographic shift with an aging population. As a result, there has been a growing demand for in-home care services as well as care homes and assisted living communities. Many people search for nearby retirement homes for senior loved ones, but the prospect of moving to such a place can be too much. Many seniors prefer the privacy and comforts of their homes. In such cases, it would be better to search for home care services. Home care services are sufficient to see through the requirements of senior citizens suffering from minor ailments. Those who need minimum assistance for movement or with daily chores could opt for home care services. Thus, without the need to leave the comforts of home, quality care services could be offered to your parents. Over time, innovative ideas have not left out even this industry. There are some villages in the state of Oklahoma where residents can share the costs of a large single family home to hire the same home care services. They will experience much needed company from the staff and even make friends to accompany them to Sunday service.

Signs of red alert

    1. Assisted living services are required for seniors who have been recently discharged from a hospital. This recovery phase is critical. The home care attendants would help your parents with daily chores, bathing, getting in and out of the bed, help them to dress and would monitor whether or not they are taking medicines at the right times.
    2. Reasons might be less obvious than the above mentioned point. The last time you spoke with your parents have you found something missing? When you asked them about how they were doing, were they reluctant to go into the details? This might be a sign of worry. They do not want you to be worried and that is why chances are rife that they are hiding something.
    3. One fine morning you got an emergency call from your parents that there is no electric supply in their homes however; the supply is going in smoothly in other homes. When your parents have dialed the authorities, they were told that the supply has been stopped because of non-payment of bills. Now this would keep the alarm bells ringing because your parents were never ever so forgetful. It is a sign that dementia is gradually spreading its wing and it would be no longer a safe option to allow your parents to stay alone.
    4. Assessing their capabilities to carry on with daily activities normally could be a good way to identify the signs that they need the help of assisted living services. The alarming signs may emerge from impairment of normal cognitive powers or normal physical health.

How to convince your parents that it is the right time they give their nod for assisted living services?

As suggested by a veteran staff member at an assisted living home in Oklahoma City, genuine love and concern and constructive discussions could make the process easier, but it must be the choice of the senior to move. Be patient while your parents defend their decision to live alone; after all, they also put up with your childhood fits.

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