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What’s the Difference between Private Assisted Living and Living Alone?

AssistedLiving_Infographics (1) It is indeed a big decision to take whether an aging loved one will stay at home or will prefer to move to an assisted living. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for many of us to take care of our aging loved ones in the ways they need. Often we have to be away or at work. There are simply not enough hours in the day to stay on top of their healthcare, nutrition, and even hygiene. For many, the assisted living environment is a perfect fit. Assisted living means the peace of mind that comes with on-site healthcare, nutritional guidance and attentive care for everyday tasks. It also means the common worries of living alone no longer apply. Assisted living allows seniors to remain mostly independent while ensuring none of their needs goes unmet. Retirement has two parts. In the first part, we retire from the work, the job, the career. In the second part we put a fresh emphasis on safety and health. In such an ambience, an assisted living is far better than home. You will come across many private assisted living in Oklahoma, and they guarantee a healthy lifestyle to every senior resident. How they make it better than home, we shall find out.
  1. More than 11.3 million aged people stay at home. A recent study has shown that loneliness increases the risk of dementia in people after retirement. At home, seniors spend most of their time alone, whereas in private assisted living, they can interact with others and take part in various activities for a good quality of life. Seniors are sure to enjoy greater life satisfaction in assisted living.
  2. Seniors staying at home are liable to suffer malnutrition and miss medications, both of which are major concerns. Cooking healthy meals is one of the consistent major issues for elders staying at home. Whereas assisted living ensures every resident receives quality healthcare and a complete nutritional routine.
  3. Those residing at home alone can sustain injuries such as from falling without being able to call for help, or at least not quickly enough. In many cases, such incidents can be life threatening. However, private assisted living in Oklahoma can resolve these concerns with 24-hour access to emergency medical services and a supportive staff of caretakers.
Choose a private assisted living provider in Oklahoma for your aging loved ones. Giving them the care they need will bring you peace and to them the joys of a fuller life.
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