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Top 5 Myths of Home Based Assisted Living

Choosing when a senior loved one can no longer live alone is always difficult. Home based assisted living offers seniors the opportunity to continue to live in a home atmosphere but with around-the-clock care. Despite its many benefits, it still has its critics.

  1. Home based assisted living doesn’t face the same oversight as a large assisted living center.

It may seem intuitive that any home-based operation is going to face less oversight from regulatory agencies than larger commercial operations. However, home based assisted living communities in Oklahoma are scheduled in the same regulatory category as larger facilities. ADA and building safety requirements apply identically; and any professional care provider is going to face the same licensing and certification requirements to be hired by the managing company.


  1. Home based assisted living doesn’t offer the same level of care as an institution.

It is commonly thought that a home-based care services will not have the same facilities or its staff won’t have the same skillsets as a large institution. However, home based assisted living communities hire LPN’s and RN’s just like a hospital or nursing home. The staff can assist in everything from routine hygiene care and administering medication to performing life-saving maneuvers. Seniors can indeed receive qualified medical attention in a home setting 24 hours a day.


  1. Home based assisted living communities are a nuisance to neighbors.

When neighbors first learn that a nearby house is going to be converted into an assisted living facility, they imagine a constant stream of ambulances and visitors. However, it is precisely for the neighborhood setting that seniors would prefer home based assisted living. With onsite medical equipment and a qualified staff, most health concerns can be addressed immediately. Family visitation is often scheduled and the relatively small number of residents in each home keeps traffic to a minimum.


  1. Home based assisted living is not a good option for aging in place.

It is partly true that home based assisted living is not for everyone. Some medical concerns are too serious for any degree of independent living. However, home based assisted living provides many of the services required by seniors to live out their golden years in place. Many home based assisted living centers will invite or hire hospice workers as needed so there need be no question of putting residents through the stress of moving.

  1. Home based assisted living is just an expensive nursing home.

The primary reason many seniors choose home based assisted living is for the enhanced quality of life it offers compared to large institutions. In a home setting, residents can enjoy home cooked meals, private bedrooms, cable television and internet, top-notch home security, and visits from family in a welcoming environment. All the while, they have access to quality health care services and an attentive staff. In Oklahoma City, home based assisted living is the preferred option for senior care when they just can’t live alone anymore. As it grows in popularity and acceptance, both service and affordability will improve.


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