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Top 5 Foods to Help Seniors Sleep Well

food for seniors

Most of the seniors who opt for assisted living in OKC complain of one common thing – lack of sleep. As people age, they tend to sleep less and less. After a period of time some of them experience insomnia. Prolonged lack of sleep can affect one’s health. Over the period of time they will start to lose weight, develop dark circles under the eye and will become irritable as well. Is there any way that the lack of sleep can be cured naturally? Consuming sleeping pills is not a good idea. Regular intake will create a dependence on them. Hence, it is better to look for natural solutions. There are 5 foods that the elderly can intake as part of their daily diet to improve their sleep. The top 5 foods are mentioned below:

  • Nutrient rich foods

    Banana, cherries promote good sleep. Both of them are rich in potassium and magnesium that helps to relax the muscle and improve the sleep pattern. Moreover, the presence of tryptophan in banana gets converted to serotonin and melatonin in the brain. Research shows that both these components play an important role in enhancing good sleep. Even apricots, apples and peaches are good source of magnesium.
  • Complex carbohydrates

    Oatmeal, popcorn, jasmine rice and sweet potato all are examples of complex carbohydrates. Mashed sweet potato with honey when taken before sleep improves the sleep pattern. Oatmeal is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, silicon and phosphorus. Regular intake is sure to show results.
  • Lean protein

    Opt for lean protein snacks before bedtime. Popular choices include a dab of peanut butter on banana, low fat cheese applied on crackers, egg on whole grain toast or lean turkey and fish. They are satisfying and have high amounts of tryptophan that ensures good sleep.
  • Heart healthy fats

    Avocados, peanut butter, almonds, pistachios, cashews contain heart healthy fats. Almonds are rich in protein along with magnesium.
  • Warm drinks

    Remember how you mother always insisted on drinking a warm cup of milk just before you went to bed? Research shows that drinking warm milk before sleep promotes sleep. Moreover, milk is a rich source of calcium too which helps in strengthening your bones.

In addition to what to eat for good sleep, you also need to know what not to eat. Following is the list, just keep a tab on it and you are good to go:

  • Spicy or oily food that affects your digestion.
  • Too much food just before going to bed.
  • Avoid alcohol as it has side effects in the long run.
  • Avoid drinking too much water just before you hit the bed.
  • Avoid eating sweets that result in indigestion.
  • And finally avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as it delays sleeping.

As you have opted for assisted living in OKC make sure that you take care of what you eat. The staff members will take care of your health and will look after what you eat but there si no harm to try your bit in ensuring that you get good sleep.

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