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The Benefits of Technology in Assisted Living

Technology In Assisted Living

Positioned within a friendly, safe neighborhood, each Redhaven Care Facility is a place for people to delight in and call home. Unlike various large assisted living centers, Redhaven Care Homes bring an innovative technique by providing care in an environment that feels similar to home. The senior care in OKC has actually integrated innovation programs into people's daily routines to keep seniors connected, mentally active, and engaged.

Tablets and iPads

Today, there are many video games that can keep your mind active, and apps that can help you to track your health status. A tablet can have a range of positive influence on senior citizens' lives. Senior citizens can learn new languages, listen to music, use social media, and view a vast range of photos. Plus, the gadgets are light in weight, user-friendly, and their touch screens are large enough to improve the visibility and readability.

Plasma Screens for Television and video

Huge, flat screens can make it a lot easier to engage the seniors since they are easier to see and the sound is adjusted to fit the residents with hearing issues. On a huge flat screen, the citizens have enjoyed life to the maximum by seeing real-time events of many activities across the world without going far away from the places where they receive care. At the senior care in OKC, there are great deals of extraordinary travel videos that motivate them to explore the different cultures.

Computer Games

The objective is to provide experiences that boost the citizens' intellectual, physical, innovative and spiritual health. In the past, such innovation was not popular, given that the senior citizens utilized stationery to work out the puzzles, develop nice representations, or compose poems. Such technology has actually become an essential part of how the elders learn, have a good time, and engage their minds. It's no wonder senior citizens have Facebook accounts to communicate with their grandchildren, or make use of apps to play games like Solitaire and Scrabble with the goal to keep their minds engaged.


Internet offers many benefits to lots of people from all age groups, but unfortunately, many seniors have lagged behind. If you want to keep boredom at bay, these caregivers can help them to take full advantage of the internet and its wide array of benefits. Having access to social media sites such as Facebook and twitter, the home senior care facility in Oklahoma allows the senior citizens to connect with their loved ones every day.


Every senior need to get acquainted with Skype as it can improve the social interaction with family members and loved ones. Interacting with family long-distance is a snap, as you can see your loved ones in real time. At the home senior care facility in Oklahoma, Skype is also available on the mobile phones and the residents can get some how-to tips from the tech-savvy caregivers.

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