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Self-Driving Cars An Option For Seniors?

self driven cars for seniorsThough Oklahoma’s roads are usually easy to drive and navigate, transportation is a big concern for Oklahoma seniors who can no longer drive on their own. As technology progresses, however, seniors may have a new option in independent transport: the self-driving car. There are many transport services available to the elderly, but mile-for-mile, the costs for hiring a driver tends to be too steep for most fixed-income seniors. Not to mention the loss of autonomy knowing that one must be accompanied during errands. As self-driving cars have begun to emerge, seniors may have a new option in personal transportation.

What are the Key Driving Issues for Seniors?

Driving is one of the biggest concerns for the loved ones of seniors. As a person ages, several factors increase the risk of having an accident. Eye sight, motor skills, joint movement and reaction time diminish with age, making even a lifelong driver less and less likely to make to from A to B safely.

For these reasons, elderly people often depend on friends, family, hired assistant’s or the staff of an assisted living residence to make routine trips around town. This makes transportation a battle between safety on the one hand and convenience and independence on the other.

Self-Driving Cars as a Solution

While a self-driving car on the lot of a local dealer is still a few years out, technologies such a brake assist, lane monitors, and self-parking are slowly building to a fully automated automobile. Once this happens, there is going to be a huge change in the way seniors travel from one place to another. Without a driver’s license or worry, the elderly will be able to easily move from their favorite supermarket, to the movie theater, to their grandkids’ soccer game and return home without any concern.

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