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Reasons to join a senior fitness program

Reason To Join A Senior Fitness Program

Health is wealth, no matter what your age is. Therefore, even if you are age sixty or better, you still have no reason not to enroll in a fitness program. It is important for seniors to stay fit since they are more prone to illness and injury. As the immunity level starts declining and risks of falling start increasing, exercise can be the best way to stay healthy in old age.

While most might be well aware of the risks of living a sedentary lifestyle, many seniors might maintain that adding extra physical activities into their weekly schedules is just not possible. As per the recent study conducted by major research institutes, approximately 67 percent of people aged 65 or older stay inactive for more than eight hours each day. However, the fact is that while growing old, we tend to lose bone density, muscle mass, and flexibility, and feel pain due to various conditions such as arthritis or other joint problems. Even when you try to get out of a chair, it might hurt your knees or other joints. It is thus important for those above 65 years of age to participate to stay active with light aerobic exercises or lifting to stay healthy.

Since long periods of inactivity only further weaken muscles and bones, it is imperative to quality of life that seniors incorporate exercise or home health care options into their routines.

Fitness programs or home health care options for healthier aging

fitness Program help to manage various chronic conditionsHome health care options like exercises feel like a chore. Therefore, as soon as you find a proper fitness program and find out that it is right for you, start right away. Here are the top five reasons highlighted to tell why you should join a senior fitness program –

1. Fitness programs help to manage various chronic conditions

Home health care like exercises helps to manage and reduce pains from conditions such as arthritis. Since exercises enable regular movements of your body joints and help lubricate the joints and decrease stiffness. Along with it, exercises help reduce the risk for heart disease, cognitive degeneration, diabetes and chances of stroke.

2. It helps to prevent falls

Studies show that one out of every three adults suffers from a debilitating fall every year. In fact, falls are the primary reason for fatal and nonfatal injuries in seniors. So, adding special balance exercises can help seniors remain steady and stand on their feet safely.

3. Decrease the need for medications

It is common for seniors to need to take a number of medications every day. Therefore, for managing chronic conditions and issues like depression and anxiety you can simply enroll in a home health care program that includes aerobic exercises. A proper combination of aerobic exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises helps to reduce the need for medications. Say, if you are physically active, it can help to improve your mood and lessen the need of medications and reduce the symptoms of depression. Along with it, exercise can help to reduce systolic blood pressure and decreases the need of blood pressure medication as well.

4. You get to enjoy better sleep

If you stay active throughout the day taking part in home health care programs, you become tired by the evening. Seniors who are suffering from insomnia, find exercise to exhaust them and let them enjoy a restful sleep throughout the night. However, make sure that you do not undergo any strenuous activity two hours prior to sleeping.

5. There are fitness programs for everyone

Fitness programs can be chosen as per individual’s need. No matter what is your current fitness level, you can choose one that is perfect for you. Swimming is a low impact exercise for seniors that work on every muscle group, especially on the joints. Some of the chair exercises are ideal for the seniors that help to tone up/build muscle and increase blood circulation.

The key is to find something that makes them happy as well as active. And a fitness program or similar type of home health care can surely make seniors stay fit and active.

Exercise For Seniors

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