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Protect Your Senior Loved Ones From The Flu

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system. It is extremely contagious and normally spreads with coughs and sneezes of the infected individual. One can catch the disease even through shaking hands or sharing clothes. Over 200,000 people get hospitalized due to influenza every year. When one is affected by the flu it is not a very happy experience; it weakens you to a level of frustration but the conditions gets worse when it affects those above the age of 60. The immune system in old age weakens so the disease can progress even worse. As many as 85% of those who died from the flu in the United States are age 65 years and over.

Vaccinations on time

To protect your senior loved ones from influenza, be sure they get an annual flu vaccination. Though the vaccine can’t protect against every type of virus, it does offer immunity against 3 major kinds of viruses that are quite common and dangerous.

Avoid opportunities for transmission

When one is affected by the flu, they should avoid any form of contact with others around them. If one has an elderly individual present in the premises then they should avoid having any sort of contact with them as they are prone to catching the flu really easily.

Take care of personal hygiene

One should always observe good hygiene throughout the year but especially when flu is in the air. They should keep their hands and clothes clean and wash their hands after touching anything. People who take care of the elderly should keep this in mind. Home senior care in Oklahoma can help keep seniors healthy and safe. These professionals are vaccinated themselves to prevent transmission to those in their care, since vaccinated individuals are much less likely to spread viruses.

Sufficient Rest

Viruses affect one’s body most when it is weak and over-worked. One who takes care of the elderly people must make sure that they rest enough to keep energy throughout the day. If they are tired and weary, the immune system can suffer making it much easier to contract viral infections.
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