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Independent Living For Seniors: Choose The Right Home In Edmond For Happy Living

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Retirement homes and senior homes have gained much popularity over the years and they are noted as some of the best service the elderly can enjoy. They ensure that you have assistance and yet live life in your own terms during your golden years. However, one should be aware of all the facilities and the amenities associated with independent living. Here is an overview of independent living in Edmond, Oklahoma.

What is independent living?

Independent living in Edmond is designed to meet the needs of seniors. The housing arrangement offers quality facilities for the seniors 55 years or better in age. The types of housing vary widely; one can get apartment style homes, a duplex, or a freestanding home. The homes are built keeping in mind the necessities and health condition of seniors, boasting ADA-compliance. Many are built around club houses and community centers, offering classes, holiday gatherings and much more. Such communities also have trained doctors and a nursing staff trained in senior care.

Types of independent living homes

In Edmond there are many such homes which are of different types. There is low-income housing. In these means-tested housing complexes, Oklahoma seniors on a low fixed income have the opportunity to live with the advantages of assisted living.

Senior apartments are another choice where the age group is restricted above 55 and older. They can be single family homes or duplexes and even mobile homes. You can buy a home but you may also have to pay monthly for services you get here.

Continuing care retirement communities are especially for seniors with conditions requiring a higher level of care. If you are healthy but suspect health concerns due a chronic condition for example, you may wish to choose this particular service for independent living in Edmond.

Should you opt for independent living?

Independent living, as the name suggests, is centered on improving quality of life in old age without sacrificing your privacy or independence. In case you are not able to manage living alone, independent living is the ideal option. Here you would get the professional assistance you need helping you to life to the fullest.

Coping with the change

Oklahoma seniors moving into independent living often have issues with adjusting with the new place and life there. There are many ways in which you can manage the trouble with coping with the new place. First, it’s advisable to get to know the place and the residents in the new locality before you actually settle in. This kind of feeling of vulnerability is natural and if needed you can reach out to family and friends living near the new place. Many facilities offer counseling for dealing with the transition.

Making assisted living a home

Independence is the objective, so most centers are happy to allow you to decorate your new home as you like. Be sure to bring frames photos of your favorite places and people. Moving can stressful for anyone and for seniors in particular. Prepare yourself for what to expect at the new home to ensure you do not feel uneasy about the move at the last moment. It is very important to with the residents so you feel more at home around them.

How to choose an assisted living center?

You can easily choose the right assisted living for you if keep in mind some factors associated with it. Interact with the people who are already there and connect with them. The size and location of the community can also play a vital role in your choice. If you prefer a quiet life, then you may not like to live within a huge community of more than say 50 residents. The location should be easily accessible and well connected by transportation. The accessibility or the amenities within the home is also an important factor. You should also be able to make necessary modifications in the future to your living space if you want to. The activities and amenities that they provide should also be something that you enjoy. Apart from that make sure they have a very friendly ambiance for the residents to settle down.

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