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How To Discuss Assisted Living with Senior Loved Ones?

Discussion About Assisted LivingOpening up discussion about the possibilities of moving an elderly loved one to an assisted living center can seem awkward and difficult. The fact is that as concerns for safety and quality of life mount, it may be the most sensible solution. Make a list of key points to cover and assure them you are looking for the best options that allow for maximum individual freedom. Below are a few of the more important points to consider.


Having to live a long distance from an elderly loved one or having to work a lot of hours leaves those with limited mobility at risk for slip and fall injuries. Take the necessary time to explain the advantages of having people nearby that can assist in any situation. This will give you both peace of mind.

Comfort and Independence

Senior Care ServiceAssisted living is designed to help your loved one retain personal independence and live as comfortably as possible. Many fear it is like a nursing facility, but this is simply not true. Residents are encouraged to partake in as many routine daily activities as they are able. Each unit can be made to suit the personal tastes and personality of the individual.


The developers of independent living centers take the needs of future residents into consideration by placing them in areas that are close to businesses, parks and recreational activities. It reduces the stress of long travels to make it to doctor appointments or shopping. There are always professionals on staff that can help at a moments notice 24 hours a day. Assistance is never more than a phone call away.

Senior Care & Assisted LivingCompanionship

Creating friendships that are long-lasting is important at any age. Social activities, group outings and shopping excursions are proven ways to begin bonding with other residents. It is a great way to ease the feelings of isolation and loneliness your loved one may be experiencing in their current situation. Many people fail to realize that the elderly can become depressed without regular interactions with people. Assisted living is an easy solution to this problem.

Take a Tour

The best way to discuss the benefits of assisted living with your loved one is to demonstrate how the process works. Make an appointment and take them on a tour. It will help guide the conversation as they ask questions and experience the environment in real time.

Approach the discussion openly and honestly. Contact assisted living centers and gather as much information as you need to make the decision the right one for both of you.

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