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How Seniors Can Beat The Heat This Summer

Oklahoma summers are notoriously hot. While kids and college students may enjoy playing ultimate frisbee or having a snow cone in the heat and sun, seniors are prone to adverse effects of heat. To keep your elderly family member safe from heat stroke and exhaustion this summer, stay prepared by doing the following.
  • Stay hydrated

    With less physical activity, many seniors grow accustomed to not drinking as much water as they should. Dehydration is the primary cause of heat related health problems. Continuously sipping cool water perhaps mixed with electrolytes will lessen the chance of heat exhaustion.
  • Light clothing

    Oklahoma summers are bright. A big part of the heat is simply how much sunlight pours in. But by wearing light-colored clothes, some light can be deflected. Light weight, loose-fitting clothes can also allow the body to stay cool.
  • Stay Inside

    Summers become hard to tolerate. Staying indoors is the best possible way to avoid heat exhaustion. From 12p.m to 4p.m are usually the worst times of the day to be outside.
  • Plan for the worst

    Most homes in Oklahoma nowadays have air conditioning, but occasionally, the power goes out during storms or other events. Prepare a backup plan for relocating your loved one to a climate controlled place during any outage.
  • Pay attention

    Some seniors may not be aware if they are feeling dehydrated or exhausted, or simply may not communicate it. If you cannot be attentive during the day, it may be a great option to call a home senior care service in Oklahoma, to keep a close, professional eye on your loved one.
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