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From Home to Assisted Living – Moving Day Tips

Assisted living for senior citizens offers immeasurable benefits to their health and safety, but the process of moving can take its toll. Feeling nervous, depressed and even helpless is common on moving day. However, when provided with proper guidance, care, and caution, your loved one might actually look forward to the transition to assisted living. The prospect of making new friends and being part of a community is certainly an attractive one.
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Making the Decision Moving to a new place is stressful enough; feeling forced can only make it worse. A senior in need of assisted living services likely already feels like others make decisions for them more than they’d like. The decision should rest on with the person who will be living in the assisted living home. However, there are cases when the senior in question cannot make such decisions themselves. Nonetheless, they should be aware and involved in the procedures so that the process of moving does not come as a surprise. This also gives them the opportunity to express their concerns and needs related to the process. Sentimental Belongings At any assisted living home, it is not possible to bring all of the new resident’s belongings. Some compromises must be made, so seniors may have to decide which belongings to bring and which to leave, donate, or sell. Oklahoma seniors have lived a long and meaningful life; many sentimental attachments have developed over the years. Bear this is in mind when moving their things; they’re worth far more than their money price. Personalize the Apartment Once they have decided to settle in their assisted living home, seniors need to feel at home in their new home. Take the time to help them personalize the room or apartment. Use meaningful decorations, familiar colors, and favorite furniture. This will help them adjust to the new environment even better. Share Your Thoughts and Feelings Moving into an assisted living facility means lots of change which can often be seen as a loss. Leaving a home they’ve cherished can be tough for seniors. Strike up a conversation with your senior loved ones about how they’re feeling about everything. Let them know you care and are in the loop. Acknowledge the transition and reassure them that this is what’s best for them. Retirement homes in Oklahoma offer some of the best administration; they work efficiently to make the transition as seamless as possible. Meet the Facility Staff senior_doctor

Before moving a senior to an assisted care home, make a point to get acquainted with the staff. It’s not enough just to vet them; get to know them. They will be caring for a loved one for possibly years. Building a relationship with the staff and management is an investment in your aged loved one’s health, safety, and peace. Let them know your expectations and keep an open dialogue. More importantly, give the new resident a chance to meet and interact with the staff before moving. Once they’re sharing a community with fellow Oklahomans, they will have the opportunity enjoy life with peace of mind.

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