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Caring For Seniors In The Winter Cold

Winter is the perfect season to relax by a fire, reading books and sipping hot cocoa, but for seniors living alone, winter can be just as hard on their moods as on their joints. Getting out and about is hard enough during warm weather; when Oklahoma is treating us to another cold and icy winter – forget it! Is there anything that you can do for your senior loved ones? If you don’t want your parents to feel lonely, depressed or isolated, here are some steps you can take.

Winter Care for Seniors

  • Keep a close eye on the status of their health: Seniors tend to be secretive about their health problems. Don’t wait for them to tell you about their health-related issues. Make sure they get regular check-ups, especially during winter. It is important to find out if there is any health related issue that might be affecting their physical and emotional well being.
  • Reach out to family, friends and even neighbors: in case you are unable to reach out to your loved one, keep a list of family members, loved ones and neighbors handy. You can call them up for a quick health check.
  • Prevent malnutrition with home food delivery: Simple errands can be a challenge for seniors in the winter. Lack of food supplies can lead to malnutrition in the elderly, especially if their appetite is already declining. As a fix, many grocery stores and services can set up a delivery to their home to keep the shelves stocked.
  • Encourage mobility and safe transportation: Encourage seniors to use hearing aids, walkers and other adaptive technologies as needed to stay mobile during cold weather. It is better to ensure proper and safe mobility rather than waiting for an accident to happen so that you take stock of the situation.
  • Connect them with a necessary support center: the best way to ensure that seniors get the best support at all times is through a retirement home, assisted living, or in-home care. These services will ensure adequate medical care, nutrition, and social interaction at all times.
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