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Artificial Intelligence Is Making Huge Changes In The Lives Of The Elderly

artificial intelligence

Senior care can be a complicated and sensitive issue. Though senior care is first rate in Oklahoma, it is not easy to take care of people who are no longer capable of taking care of themselves.

Old age health care in Oklahoma has prioritized modern technology for better assistance to seniors. Artificial intelligence is one such technology which Oklahoma health care is introducing. No, this is not science fiction. Artificial intelligence, known as AI, is quickly becoming a reality. Even common examples like Amazon’s Echo can make the lives of senior citizens easier by answering voice questions by searching the web. Other implementations can even serve as a low-priority emergency response, answering medical questions and even dialing out for help if necessary. This is the revolution which old age health care had been waiting for.

Even the Apple CEO has hailed AI as a godsend for senior citizens. According to the CEO of Apple, AI is bound to take the predictable path which begins as a curiosity and then it becomes a necessity.

Now, the question is how this can be used in senior health care. If you are not familiar with real-world AI, it might give rise to visions of “I, Robot” as a humanoid robot chops vegetables alongside an elderly woman whose hands are no longer up to the task. However, the reality is not as dazzling…yet. How far artificial intelligence will go in helping seniors live better is a matter to be seen.

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