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Aging in Place Should Never Be Lonely

Isolation increases the risk of health complications in seniors, according to several studies endorsed by AARP. Private home health care has created opportunities for seniors to continue living in their own home, but this often means they spend a lot of time alone. While the dignity of independent living may be difficult to give up for many seniors, there comes a time when they and their loved ones must decide on a different living arrangement.

Living Alone

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Living alone is a dangerous choice for seniors. Not only does isolation make them more likely to suffer depression and raised stress levels, but it also puts seniors at greater risk of insufficient care. For instance, falls and injuries during routine activities are more likely to be fatal for seniors without the observation of peers or care professionals. Even basic hygiene and nutrition may be neglected without the attention of friends, family or caretakers.

In the United States, a large demographic shift is underway. The baby boomer generation is entering their golden years, increasing the demand for many different solutions for senior living. Private assisted living offers seniors the best of both community and attentive care. Options range from hundreds of fellow residents to less than ten. While every senior needs regular social interaction and daily assistance, individual preferences weight heavily into which type of assisted living is right for them.

One innovative approach now available in Oklahoma is home based assisted living. This service allows seniors to continue living in a home atmosphere but with constant care and the company of others. It provides the crucial support networks and human connections without the overwhelming feel of a large institution. At a time in life when many seniors are losing friends, spouses and abilities they’ve cherished all their lives, the individualized attention and activities available with home based assisted living can keep their spirits up.

Individual CaretakerThough constant care and psychological support becomes more necessary with age, many seniors will continue to value their ability to care for themselves. Unfortunately, the desire to remain independent works against the physical and emotional health of seniors. Fortunately, home based assisted living gives caretakers the personal contact with seniors they need to best determine where they can remain independent and where they need greater assistance.

In addition to care needs, everyone has different needs in social interaction. The individual personalities of seniors factor into their desire for many friends and neighbors or only a few. Whether your aging loved one is more introverted or extroverted, the private assisted living options available today make it possible to address the personal needs of each senior when deciding on the best facility for them to age in place.

Private assisted living facilities offer a variety of activities to keep residents engaged and included according to their own personal preferences. These services can adapt to the individual needs, interests and personalities of each resident. With an appropriate balance of attention and independence, the residents of private and home based assisted living can enjoy the dignity of taking care of themselves while their needs for human interaction are well covered.

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