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What You Need to Know Before Touring An Assisted Living Community

Luxury Assisted Living Community in Edmond If you are looking for the right assisted living community for your loved ones, you’ll know how important it is to find the right center. A careful decision is solicited as a lot depends on the living community center where your loved one will live. When you are touring the senior communities of Oklahoma, keep a watchful eye on the level of care which your loved one will get there. Consider some important facts before making a decision from your options for assisted living in OKC.

Fresh and Clean

While touring keep your eyes on the floor, walls and the surrounding. Does the center appear fresh to your eyes? Can you smell waste? Is it clean enough that you would feel comfortable living there? Ask yourself before making any decision. For the wellbeing of the loved ones, it is important that you find an assisted living community in Oklahoma City which is both clean and fresh. The cleanliness of the facility reflects on the staff; if you see anything off, bring it to their attention. Their response is telling.

Tour During an Event

The assisted community centers in Oklahoma arrange many events to entertain the people living there. It would be a good idea to visit during one of the events. It would give you an idea of how the center handles residents and shows their concern for their well-being. You can ask the manager for permission to be able to participate in the events. You can watch from a distance as well for better information.

Staff Behavior

When you are visiting the center, see how the staff are behaving toward the people living there. The attitude and behavior should be friendly and warm. Do the staffs make eye contact while having a conversation? Eye contact means a lot when it comes to body language assessment. Don’t ignore the importance of eye contact. Additionally, look into the hours and availability of the staff. How many people are assigned for the care of the people living in the center? It is your responsibility to find out.

Go Out in the Open

Being outside makes people feel good. Due to this, you need to check out the outdoor area for better understanding. See whether the outdoor area is safe, well-kept and intended for use by residents.

Check the Menu

The quality of the meals served at the center can weigh on both your loved one’s health and well-being. Oklahoma assisted living centers offer good, country cooking. However, it is still a good idea to have a meal there with your senior loved one to get their take on it before coming to a decision.

Ask about Security

Safety plays a great role in making senior feel at peace. Discuss your concerns with the manager or leasing agent. Are there security guards on-site? Surveillance cameras? How does the facility handle abuse by a staff member or theft of residents’ property? Additionally, it is your responsibility to determine that 24/7 care is available on-site.

Personal Care Question

While touring the center, get a sense of the standards for personal care. Regular bathing can become a challenge for seniors, but with patience and resolve, the health and wellness benefits of good hygiene prove to be worth it. Does this assisted living center’s staff think so?


Now, even though everything seems fine during your visit, it is important that you get feedback of people who are residing in the center. You can talk to the families of the residents as well.

Move Out Options

In case you and your loved ones decide it best to leave once having settled in, what kind of notices and documents you would have to submit? Is there a deposit or a penalty for cancelling a lease? Inquire about this at the initial stage, as you would with any residential arrangement.

When in Doubt, Go with your Gut

Sometimes, everything looks great, the facilities does, says and has all the right things, but something just doesn’t feel right. Follow your instinct on this; big decisions are exactly the kind of thing we tend to trick ourselves into, only to regret it. There are plenty of assisted living options in Oklahoma City, so there’s no reason to be stuck on one.
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